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Picture 510


Illustrators Australia seminar Part 1: Speaker/artist – Dean Gorissen

Dean is a professional illustrator hailing from Melbourne, Victoria. He has been a member of Illustrators Australia since 1992. Having originally graduating a design course in Pahran, (now a Swinbourne campus) in 1982, he worked in design based industries up until 1993, a lot of his work was based around television advertisement story boards, he then went on and started illustrating professionally even though not gaining any formal training specifically shaped to the industry at the time.

Dean has managed to work for a large number of high corporate organisations and companies such as Krispy Kreme, The big issue, Carlton and United breweries, Australian Council of Trade Unions, The Age- Sunday life magazine and Coles Myer as well as working along the likes of such authors as Matt Zurbo, on books, “I Bought a rocket” and “My Dad’s a Wrestler!”. He also worked with Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman, on books, ” The Kinglake Cookbook,” and “Deadly,” series. Dean Gorissen has also worked on his own projects such as, ” Ten little Elvi,” and  ” The Search for Bigfoot Bradley!”. 

Dean tries his hardest not to imitate the same style of illustration throughout a lot of his work as he wishes not to get bored of what his doing.  dean has used mediums such as; gouache, acrylic and again like other has started conforming to the digital world of Photoshop and  and Illustrator, however what i find amazing with Dean is that he doesn’t use a Wacom tablet when working digitally and still uses a mouse, how he manages to do this is beyound me as I found it hard at the best of times.

Deans work is amazing and unique, a very entertaining speaker, thoroughly enjoyed his talk about his accomplishments in the illustration and graphic design industries.

You can see some of deans work at:


Illustrators Australia seminar Part 1: Speaker/artist- Dr. Levent Efe

Dr Levent Efe, a fantastic, phenomenal medical illustrator, originally a general practitioner from Turkey, Dr Levent received his medical degree in 1982  after spending 4 years as a GP, he decided to teach Anatomy at the Marmara University Medical  School in Istanbul, and Artistic Anatomy in the School of Fine Arts at the same University.  In 1988, 6 years later, he undertook a fellowship in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at John Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland .

He then decided to move here to Melbourne Australia and become a freelance medical illustrator and since has not looked back. After initially rendering his artwork as airbrush paintings, Dr Levent has since decided like many other people to change into the digital world of illustration and imaging to render his final artworks for his clients.

Dr Levent Efe, has illustrated diagrams and scientific and medical illustrations for Surgical education books, patient educational programs and brochures, clinical sports anatomy, educational books, textbooks and he has also illustrated a number of illustrations for clients outside his normal surgical educational field.

As a business man of his own accord, some advice he had given us was, to always keep your copyright and not to sell it and if you do decide to, to not undervalue the importance of your work. He also suggest to keep as many industry relevant contacts as we could.

Personally, I found his work absolutely amazing it won’t be a field I myself, would be interested in getting into but the illustrations he has created have been absolutely amazing. I found his work really inspirational and love how he renders his final product buy, showing his illustrations on angles that aren’t normally seen by the surgeons performing the procedures and also showing the illustrations on completely impossible angles. His knowledge of the human anatomy is absolutely amazing. 

Truly an amazing artist, and doctor.

visiting artist Miso

Miso is a well developed stree artist who takes pride in how short lived her work can sometimes be. her work can be seen through out Melbourne and even in the places she travels such as Tokyo (where she may spend upto three months of the year living there, the majority of her street art ressembles protrates of females quite often on either side of a door in a dark ally where you wouldnt be expecting to find such works.

She held an exhibition in Melbourne at the age of nineteen, decorating the space with small sculptures, drawings and other works as a poetic representation of where she had grown up.
I personally am quiet fond of the very unique idea she had with a space in East Brunswick she used for 24 hours, through a program she was involved with, with other artists, called “Sunset to Sunrise,” where they had the studio for 24 hours only. Miso had decided to sculpt a working over night tattoo parlor, I thought of this as a very unique way to use the space and not only use it to display her artwork by building walls with her art on them, but to use the space so the audience could leave with something pernament.

I love how Miso, likes the fact that eventually the majority of her work will eventually disappear and be non existant, if it’s torn down, or simply just decays from the laws of nature. She loves how temporary it can be.

All in all, a fantastic street artist check her out, a simple google searh shall do the trick. 


I am considering doing some limited prints of my work, based on expressions of interest. once i add more of my work onto the page it will give everyone a better understanding of my capabilities, just a bit hard getting everything scanned and ready to go at the current moment. If anyone at all is interested in a numbered and signed print  or flash sheet feel free to contact me via email or through my facebook blog. 

Thanks everyone.

Australian Impressionists

the australian impressionistic artists or the famous Heidelberg school are the reason for impressionists art movement in the late 1800’s. the Heidelberg school consisting of such artists as Arther Streeton, Jane Sutherland.

The Heidelberg School of impressionistic artists travelled along the main train lines of mainly Victoria and some parts of Adelaide and new south Wales, and doing the majority of their paintings very quickly on 9 by 5 inch boards normally those of old cigar box lids.

Having done paintings on 9 by 5 boards at the start of the year if had understood more about impressionistic art at the time and more about the Heidelberg school i think i would have done a lot better at the time, studying the way that they moved about along the train lines at the time is something that i wouldn’t mind doing just to get a feel of what they had to do to get to the destinations of which are still there today to do their art,

Naked faces exhibition

the naked faces exhibition, was i think the first exhibition that we went to, and if im not mistaken we went to see the brilliant movie black swan afterwards, being proabably the first exhibition that i had ever gone to it was a different experence and was a great chance to get to know some of the students that we were going to be studying with.

The art work in this exhibition was absolutely amazing, i was never  good at self portraits so it was something that fascinated me people being able to paint draw and etch there faces to precise detail. Going to this was a good way to get the motivation going.